Das Zelt

August 28, 2006

German band Jeans Team on the fm4 playlist at the moment with Das Zelt – simple lyrics translated here, although like it more for echoes of Ska. And the inevitable myspaces marketting spot



July 24, 2006

Last one tonight – just dumping links to the (short-lived: shame) Clor videos.

Love & Pain – for whatever reasons, love this song and video

Good Stuff -that’s the promo version – the altnerative (and better IMO) version here but needs WMV

Outlines – OK…ish


July 24, 2006

Seems Mike Patton has a new album out – you can hear some here. Always been a sucker for Mike Patton, mainly for having followed all the old Faith No More albums up to ’98 – won’t overstate the point but heard together, they tell a story; what happens when you take things too far.

Quite a lot of what he’s done since then is unlistenable but he’s got a talent for the warped, if you ever need a wake up call – off the Mr Bungle California album – check out Ars Moriendi. He also reminds me of an old friend from school – looks almost the same.

The new album “Peeping Tom” is supposed to be “pop” and there’s an interesting mix of other artists on it but – from a quick listen not sure – these days I’m also a sucker for a catchy tune, and not hearing any – must be a midlife crisis.